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The game of Go Fish is an interaction between people. Although fun and light-hearted, it is all about offering and accepting, conversing, and sharing. This joyful dialogue is what we want to embody here at GoFishTalk. We offer advice, guides, and conversations about life and shared knowledge and experiences.

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We see the big picture and believe in the power of sharing experiences in order to connect, grow, and learn online.
Shawn Parks and Sophie Bryant
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Hi, we’re
Shawn and Sophie.

We are co-founders of GoFishTalk. With backgrounds in marketing and communications, we are nerds for all things content creation, design, and digital publishing. We created this space so that you can go fishing for content that matters most to you.

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Something about

our team.

The GoFishTalk team is committed to helping you simplify and improve your life by having access to content that matters. Our mission is to encourage and influence our audience to stay informed on important topics and share and learn from experiences with a positive impact on their own personal and professional lives. Here you can go fishing for content, learn something new, and have a little fun while doing it.
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Real content and ideas

from real experts.

At GoFishTalk, we have a genuine interest in providing fun and helpful content and resources that our readers will find thoughtful and relevant.
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