Tips for Taking Care of Pets During Home Renovations

a person holding a dog

Home renovations benefit your whole family—and pets aren’t excluded from those perks. Not only can a home improvement project make your house a better place to be, but you and your family will be a lot happier living there. But, despite the eventual benefits of renovating your home, the process itself can be a stressful one. Between managing your budget, hiring the right professionals, and living around the workspace, you have a lot to juggle—and your pets will often add some extra steps along the way. A few precautions, though, can make the process an easier one for humans and animals alike.

Let them meet the team.


You’ll do plenty of research to verify you’ve got the best possible professionals lined up to complete your home renovations. As you compare companies and contractors, keep your pets in mind. And, when you call the top Kalamazoo window companies on your list, make sure they’re comfortable being around any animals that will be in the home. Once you’ve found the perfect match, take the time to introduce your pets to the people who’ll be working in the house. Make sure your animals won’t be uncomfortable around strangers by giving them the chance to make friends. If that socialization would only make your pet more anxious, consider sending them to a pet sitter or daycare instead.

Maintain your routines.



Some of your normal plans will inevitably fall to the wayside while the renovation is being completed. Morning walks might be cut short by before-work meetings with contractors, and their favorite sunny spot might be off-limits until the dust and fumes clear. But, as much as possible, try to keep up with the routines you and your pet enjoy each day. Make sure they’re getting their bathroom break and your daily playtime. It might seem like everything else is changing in your pet’s safe space, but this will allow you to give them some sense of normality.

Keep them calm.



As a fur parent, it’s your responsibility to keep your pet at ease during a renovation project. After all, you aren’t the only one who’s stressed through the remodeling process—they’re stressed on their own and likely picking up on your anxieties, too. Give your pet a safe space to be away from work. Be aware of the signs your pet is distressed and know how to ease them, whether that’s a CBD oil, a vet-prescribed medication, or some cozy snuggles. Whatever your home renovation project, you’re undoubtedly doing it to ensure your whole family is safe and happy. Make sure a stressful process doesn’t ruin the appeal.

Make sure they’re safe during work.



Your pet’s well-being is important as you and your team complete home renovation projects. But their physical safety is equally important. Talk to the professionals you’ve hired to see if any fumes, chemicals, or products could present a risk to your pet (or to your human family members, of course). If needed, find a pet sitter, friend, or family member to care for your fur baby elsewhere until the process is over. This might be somewhat difficult for larger projects, where moving the whole family elsewhere or simply moving to different areas of the house might be easier. But, if you’re looking at a project that will take an afternoon or last through the weekend, they might be safest moving elsewhere.

Stick to pet-friendly projects.


It’s important to make sure the renovation process is pet-friendly, but it’s just as critical that the renovation itself is safe. Make sure you’re choosing cat-safe house plants rather than toxic options to create your natural oasis. Double-check that you aren’t adding a varnish to that new wood that will make your puppy sick if he chews on it. You might be sick and tired of researching different aspects of your home improvement projects but making sure the final product will be safe for your furry friends is one that you don’t want to skip.

Add a special renovation just for them.


You’ve made sure that your pets will be safe throughout the renovation process and long beyond. But will they be happy with the finished product? Consider home improvement projects made just for pets to give your pet a special piece of your home. From adding a doggy door to creating a catio, there are plenty of options for every pet and their family, whatever your needs and preferences.

Move their supplies.



Regardless of whether you’re moving your pet out of the house while the construction teams work, you might want to move some of their toys and other supplies elsewhere, too. Dust and chemical fumes can settle on the dog bed or basket of cat toys and potentially harm your pet once they’ve returned to nap or play. Move them to another part of the house or, if you’re looking to store many items, seek out another place to keep them for the time being. Spend a bit more time with your favorite search engine to find a “storage space near me” that fits in your budget and offers enough space for your extra belongings and your pet’s favorite blanket or ball.

Take precautions just in case.



You don’t need to add any more stress to your life as you renovate your house, and few events would be as stressful as losing your pet in the process. You might not want to imagine worst-case scenarios, but it’s important to be prepared in case of an emergency. Ensure your pet is microchipped and in a secure space if they’re staying home during the remodel. It might help to add a sign to your door reminding workers, family, and friends that your beloved pet is inside—after all, it’s better to be safe than sorry.


Keeping your pet safe and happy throughout a home renovation is one more factor to worry about during the process. Nevertheless, it’s a critical concern. By doing a little extra research, preparing your pet, and putting a bit of extra thought into your remodeling projects, you and your pet will thrive through the renovation process and in your remodeled home for years to come.