Starting Your Own Advertising Agency: How to Get Your Name Out There

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Advertising agencies specialize in marketing their clients, yet ironically, often forget to market themselves. Agencies face a lot of competition when building their brand and feel the pressure to come up with unique marketing that attracts new clients. There are plenty of simple yet effective ways you can promote your advertising agency and gain attention.

Practice What You Preach

Your advertising agency is the best at creating unique, dynamic content for your clients. Your audience will use your brand’s content as a recommendation, meaning you need to practice what you preach when it comes to your branding efforts. After all, why would a client work with an advertising agency whose personal branding doesn’t resonate? Your small business is setting an example of what advertising services you have to offer. Test ideas on your brand first and treat your brand as if it’s a paying client. Approach your content creation the way would for any client.


Be Your Own Client

Taking on unpaid work doesn’t seem like a smart business tactic in the startup phase, but unless you maintain a personal marketing strategy, your brand won’t earn any new paying clients. Be your own client, schedule meetings with your team to evaluate your branding strategy, and schedule the marketing work along with paid client projects. Your team should follow the same rules for creating consistent content that aligns with your brand’s core value proposition, mission, and differentiation.


Show Who Your Brand Is

Engaging social media content can do wonders for building your brand. Maintaining a consistent image and message across social media platforms can grow your agency’s authority and brand recognition. Video content is king on social media and a great way to show who you are as a brand. The key to creating engaging video content is effective storytelling.

Collaborating with a video production company can take your content marketing to the next level. The Los Angeles videography agency COLDEA Productions offers video production and media services for clients of all sizes. The creative agency’s team of professionals can realize any video project needs, from commercials and corporate videos to documentaries and promotional videos.


Rethink Business Cards

Every brand needs promotional items to help clients remember them. Instead of printing up traditional business cards, utilize promotional USB flash drives. Almost everyone has a portable storage device handy for convenient data storage and computer files on the go. USB flash drives are also referred to as USB drives, flash drives, USB sticks, thumb drives, and pen drives.

Bulk Memory Cards carries the most common USB drive sizes for bulk USB drives including 8gb, 16gb, 32gb, 64gb, 128gb, and 256gb flash drives. The larger your USB flash drive bulk order the cheaper the price, making flash drives an affordable promotional item. You can load marketing materials such as your portfolio and client testimonials onto each flash drive and customize them with your company name for a personal touch that will stand out to clients.


Focus on In-Person Networking

Never forget the power of in-person networking. It’s common to forget about promotion and rely on organic lead generation as your brand grows and succeeds. In-person networking opportunities do come up, and you always want to have your elevator pitch ready when someone asks about your line of work.

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Your advertising agency specializes in all things marketing for paying clients who expect you to have an impressive track record. Follow these simple yet effective ways of building your brand’s recognition and remember that a successful agency focuses on its branding just as much as their clients’ branding.