Is it Worth Staying at Home if You Have Chores?

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Doing chores is necessary. There are tasks at the house which need to be completed, and you can’t put them off as much as you might like. Sure, you have things that you want to do. Maybe you want to take a bike ride, go for walk around the neighborhood, catch a movie, or enjoy a day at the mall, where husbands might search for golf equipment and wives look at women’s underwear to buy a new bra or panties. Nonetheless, sometimes staying home and taking care of your housework is worthwhile.

Why It’s Worth It to Stay Home


Instead of a nuisance, chores can actually be something of a reward or incentive to just chill out at the house. It can be worth it to stay at home even if there are chores that need to be done. Sometimes we may not be able to go out and hang out as we might. Money might below, you might not want to deal with the crowds which you’ll find at most public places, and you might just want to chill on the couch and relax.

In this case, chores can act as a motivator to get you closer to being able to relax at the house. You can have just as much fun chilling out at the house as you would go somewhere else. While at home to you can read a good book, catch up on your favorite television shows or movies, exercise, watch your favorite sports, or play video games. You can even volunteer virtually from your computer, practice art, join a virtual book club, have Zoom wine mixers, a channel that inner bartender, or have a game night with the family.

Chores and Statistics


To have the freedom to do these things though, you’ll need to do the chores that require your attention. In many cases, if you don’t do these chores your house might turn into a gross pigsty, and that’ll take away the fun and relaxation. Some of the chores which you’ll need to do to get keep your home in the best shape possible might include such daily activities as washing the dishes, vacuuming the house, cleaning the bathrooms, airing out the home, washing clothes, washing your windows, cleaning the kitchen, dusting, and changing the linen and towels throughout your home.

There are also chores which you’ll need to complete outside of the home, to keep your house in the best condition possible. These might include cleaning and storing the patio furniture, umbrellas, children’s summer toys. You can also touch up the paint on trim, railings, and decks. Try also checking caulk around windows and doors, inspecting external doors and garage doors, cleaning up pet waste, washing exterior windows, draining and storing garden hoses, and checking gutters and downspouts.

It’s important to note that there are plenty of house chores that you can delegate. For instance, by searching online for “dog poop removal Joilet Il” you’ll find a dog waste removal company that will take care of your pet’s poop and do a great job keeping your backyard clean for you. Since taking care of dog waste isn’t exactly a relaxing activity, hiring pet waste removal professionals will make your life more pleasant right away.

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics broke down who does chores like these even further. According to a 2015 study, women spent more than twice as much time preparing food and drink and doing interior cleaning. They also spent over three times as much time doing laundry as men. The study also found that men spent more than twice as much time doing activities related to lawn, garden, and houseplants. This also included doing interior and exterior maintenance, repairs, and decoration.

Men reported doing their share of housework also according to the same 2015 study. Twenty-two percent of men reported doing housework, which included cleaning and doing laundry. This was compared with 50 percent of women. Forty-three percent of men did food preparation or cleanup activities, as compared to 70 percent of women.