How To Set Yourself Up for Success in College

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Your college years are an exciting period of time. You get the privilege of pursuing an education and guaranteeing a better future for yourself. Plus, you get to build your own community and find like-minded people who may share your same goals. It’s a great time to explore your career options, find your identity, and learn more about yourself. Still, with every new experience, it’s easy to get distracted. To make sure that you achieve both your educational and your personal goals, here’s how you can set yourself up for success in college.

Use a planner to keep track of your schedule and any important deadlines.


There’s a reason why they say that staying organized is the key to success. If you can keep track of when you need to accomplish specific tasks, it’s a lot easier to manage your hectic schedule. College life will be busy; there’s no doubt about that. If you’re aiming to finish your degree within four years or sooner than that, you need to stay on top of your coursework. Using a planner to keep track of any exams, essay deadlines, or even just your class schedule will be helpful to you. To set yourself up for success, you can use either a physical planner or a digital calendar to sync assignments you need to complete on your computer.

Develop a healthy routine you can take into adulthood.

Moving into a new environment is the best time to start building new routines. In college, you should consider developing healthier habits that you can take into adulthood. For example, taking a daily vitamin can help boost your immunity and increase your energy levels throughout those long lectures. If you’re looking for the best vitamin subscription, VitaRx offers a subscription service for personalized daily vitamin packs. That way, you can power through your school day and your weekend knowing you have all the nutrients you need to feel your best. Don’t forget to consult a health care professional or your primary care doctor before adding any dietary supplements or making changes to your lifestyle. Further, having access to the student gym makes regular exercise a lot easier, and the dining hall will surely serve a variety of healthy foods for you to enjoy. Staying healthy throughout college is important so that there are no interruptions to your education.

Show up and do the work.


Now that more classes are being held over Zoom and lectures are being posted on an online blackboard, it’s easy to want to skip class and just catch up on your workload when you’re mentally ready. But it’s important to show up for class and actually do the work. Think of it as the time you’re dedicating to your future career and how these hours are adding up to a college degree. Plus, college isn’t cheap! While you might get the itch to skip class and stay in your dorm room for the whole day, just know that your “class time” will still have to be dealt with at some point. Do your future self a favor and show up!

Reward yourself and celebrate the small victories.

Even the prospect of going to college is a huge feat in itself. In high school, you built your perfect transcript and sought out the best college application counselor to nail the application process. You wrote your personal statement and applied to multiple schools. All the while, you also had to deal with the financial aid process, thankfully with the help of a college counseling service like Empowerly. Now that you’re at a top college and you’re killing it, you need to learn how to reward yourself once in a while. Celebrate getting a good grade on an exam by treating yourself to a nice dinner. Pat yourself on the back for that hour-long study sesh. Celebrate the fact that you didn’t skip class.

To set yourself up for success in college, it’s important to make it easy to accomplish your goals. Use a planner, stay healthy, show up, and reward yourself for trying your best!