How Has the Coronavirus Impacted Packaging in the Beauty Industry?

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The COVID-19 pandemic has changed how everything operates in the United States and around the world. For business owners right now, online shoppers are essential to the current sustainability of their companies. The manufacturing and shipping industries are currently booming, but with the increase in business coupled with the restrictions of fighting the pandemic, they are having to take extra precautions to ship products efficiently and safely. Luckily, the beauty industry is no stranger to the heightened sensitivity around public safety concerns.

Increased Health and Safety Shipping Precautions

There have been many burdens and restrictions placed on the shipping and manufacturing industries, as a direct result of the pandemic. Large manufacturers and freight shipping companies were hit hard early, as factories were among the first to close due to health concerns. According to the Wall Street Journal, the decrease in business for these industries is expected to mirror that of the 2008 market crash. In addition, supply shortages from countries with usually high manufacturing output, like China, are definitely hurting smaller companies and niche businesses.

As the world has begun to adapt to the pandemic, and try to regain some sense of normality, suppliers have also made adjustments in their packaging policies in response to the health concerns of their customers. According to US Packaging and Wrapping, before the pandemic, many industries were prioritizing sustainability, with a reduction in packaging waste, and costs. For the beauty industry, the goal was to reduce the number of packaging materials that they use for each order. Now companies must still consider long term sustainability, whilst also rethinking packaging design, in a bid to prioritize hygiene and public health.


Policy measures for the beauty industry are especially strict when it comes to reducing contact with packaging and increased use of disinfectants. Because beauty products make contact with consumers’ skin, eyes, and lips, they are far more likely to be ingested and so must be packaged with the customer’s health in mind. There is a policy mix happening across the manufacturing and shipping industries, as the use of single-use plastics is once again increasing in response to the pandemic.

How Beauty Industry Leaders are Reacting


The beauty industry is adapting to COVID-19 in unique ways. While many beauty companies have depended on their online sales for years, in-store business was also crucial. Some customers prefer to shop at physical stores so that they can try testers and get advice based on the employees’ professional judgment. But as this is not currently feasible, many companies are now depending solely on their online stock to handle their financial need.


But, because the majority of beauty companies are not operating 100% online, they must take extra care in the packaging of their makeup products and accessories. For something like an eyelash kit, where the adhesive and lashes are going directly on the consumer’s eyelid, should any sort of contamination occur in the shipping process, customers will be in danger. Many eyelash kits also come with accessories that must also be carefully packaged and disinfected.


One of the most popular eyelash accessories right now are magnetic eyelash kit. Customers rave about how well the magnetic liner works at securing the lashes to the natural lash line, whilst also providing a mess-free application on the eyelid and enhancing the natural lashes. Another popular lash product, even among beginners, is the eyelash extension kit. These come with individual wisps of eyelashes that must be applied individually. An eyelash extension kit with magnetic liner is also a popular choice among beauty enthusiasts, but these kits tend to come with many accessories that must be carefully handled during packaging. Inside the eyelash extension kit is a pair a tweezers, the magnetic liner, and the eyelash wisps. Each of these accessories will be making direct contact with the user’s natural lashes and eyes when they are applied over the lash line. As demonstrated with the increased availability of magnetic lashes, and by recognizing the growing popularity of the eyelash extension kit, the beauty industry are working hard to keep their customers safe.