Getting Ready for a Quick Housing Move

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Moving houses is a common experience you may have to undergo sooner or later. Work, new relationships, scenery changes, and relocation with family are common reasons for moving houses. Ideally, many people would prefer having a two-month head start or more to pack up all their belongings before moving, however, in most cases, time isn’t usually on your side. Several conditions may necessitate a move quicker than usual.

Since straightforward relocations are stressful enough, how do you prepare for a quick move in the least stressful way? Luckily, we’re here to help with that. Here’re specific tips to prepare you for a quick housing move.

Sell to a House Buying Company


How fast you sell your property is a vital element when planning a quick housing move, so prioritize this for a stress-free moving experience. One way to achieve this is by selling to a wholesaler. Data indicates that several real estate transactions on the American market are completed using cash. All transactions with these house buying companies don’t involve any banks and agents. As such, the process is relatively quicker than selling your home through a real estate agent. By simply Google searching sell my house fast for cash you would access a long list of ready-to-buy wholesalers. One house buying company you can’t miss on the list is SQCA.

They’re a highly-rated house buying company that offers ready cash for properties on the Californian market. With SQCA, the buying process is free of agents, commissions, and hidden fees. Also, they buy houses as they are, without the need for repairs or any touch-ups before selling. Furthermore, they buy the property with few questions asked, irrespective of the owners’ reason for selling. SQCA offers a fast and transparent property buying process, providing offers within thirty minutes of consultation. Despite their clients wanting their homes sold as quickly as possible, SQCA’s offers remain fair and competitive. They are reputable, trustworthy, and highly experienced, buying hot properties from many sellers for years.

Start Packing Early

Packing is a crucial aspect of moving houses, so you must prioritize proper packing for optimum results. However, this packing has to be speedy as time isn’t on your side. Consequently, start your packing as early as possible to avoid any last-minute panic, which may cause you to forget important things. Buy your packing supplies from your moving company as early as possible to prevent using unsuitable packaging. Begin by separating items into three key categories: keep, donate, and toss. Then, get help from family, friends, or service companies to pack the items separated under “keep.” Packing typically exposes the fashion inadequacies hidden in your wardrobe, so you may be considering buying some quality clothes to add to your collection. Quality clothing retail companies like Chico’s Off the Rack can help with these concerns.

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Set a Moving Budget

Several experts agree that having a moving budget is one of the essential things to do first before moving. Many movers feel that there’s no time to sort out the financial details of the move. However, it would be best to prioritize this since moving without a budget can cost you more in the long run. Firstly, create a moving budget template. These days, several software programs like Microsoft Excel allow for drawing budget templates with easy calculation.

With a moving company, the moving fee is one key area of your budget to prioritize. Additionally, you may want to insure any high-value possessions during the moving process, so plan for this if necessary. Extra charges like shuttle service, claims and damage costs, and professional packing services’ fees are vital costs you may have to budget for. If you’re moving on your own, your budget will look significantly different. You’ll likely need a truck rental, so budget for this accordingly. You can also use an AAA fuel calculator to find out what your mileage or gas cost will be to include in your budget. Extra equipment rental and some contingency cash are also areas you may want to budget for, just in case. A moving budget is undoubtedly vital whether you are moving to Tulsa or relocating overseas. Therefore, prioritize budgeting before moving.

Prepare Your New Home

It’s often common for homeowners to get so caught up in moving from their old homes. As such, they neglect the new homes into which they’re moving. However, several experts agree that preparing your new home to receive you and your family is a vital element of the moving process. If you have a home security system, contact your provider immediately to let them know you’re moving. Also, ask for instructions to set up your home security at your new home.

Additionally, schedule a thorough cleaning of your new home to ensure that it’s clean and ready to receive you. Transferring your utilities and planning home improvements are also vital, so prioritize this element. Additionally, it’s important to connect TV and internet services to your new home. Call your internet service provider to request activation of your internet connection on your move-in date. Make sure you have the right equipment to get your WiFi going in your new place. There are several reasons why WiFi is faster than mobile data for home use. As such, prioritize setting up proper WiFi to make your new home more fun to live in.

In conclusion, getting ready for moving day is often easier said than done. Nevertheless, with the above-listed points and several other helpful tips, transitioning to your new home will be more seamless and hassle-free.