4 First Date Beauty Tips

a man and woman kissing

With a pandemic that’s lasted almost a year, putting yourself out there by getting back into the dating game may seem a little overwhelming. Being in a pretty strict quarantine, you may not feel as much pressure to put on a dress and a thong and apply makeup.

There is no pressure to look a certain way—during this time it’s all about what makes you happy. However, not doing your makeup and getting ready for a day out as often will put you out of practice. Once things get better and the pressures of the pandemic have begun to lift, then you can start to consider dating again. If you need a little refresher as you start putting yourself out there post-quarantine, then here are four tips for your next first date.

1. It’s not just about the makeup.

Your makeup is important because first impressions have a huge impact, but it’s just one of many elements that go into the perfect look. Once you’ve gotten that perfect look, whether it’s a natural eye or a dramatic cat eye, you need to put the rest of the look together with a few final touches. You’re probably thinking of things like a cute necklace or a pair of statement earrings, but what about your nails?

Even if you’re absolutely terrible at painting your nails, there are still options for you. Consider looking into a custom nail decal design that you can safely stick to your nails right at home. Now you can have beautiful, unique nails without spending precious time and money at the salon.

When you’re getting ready for your next first date, be sure that you don’t forget about the small details that will really complete the look. Everything from your tights to your panties should be well chosen. And don’t forget that it’s more about what will give you confidence going into the date rather than what will look good to your date. If you’re projecting confidence then your date will think you look great no matter what.

2. Work on your smize.

Dating can be kind of lame in your twenties, especially if you’re seeing guys your own age. If they seem a little immature, then maybe you want to think about dating older men. If you’ve made up your mind and are ready for it, meeting a sugar daddy for the first time is easier than it may seem.

The biggest beauty tip for a sugar date is to have an eye look to make your sugar daddy melt in his seat. Look into beauty tutorials that focus on a sexy cat eye look. These tutorials will give you excellent tips for achieving the perfect winged liner to help create a smolder that will stop your potential sugar daddy in his tracks and make him buy you anything your heart desires. In the middle of a pandemic, why not do something beneficial for yourself?

3. Get the perfect pout.

The perfect thing to pair with your smoldering eye look is a sexy pout on your lips. When you’ve got the perfect eye and lip combo there’s nothing that can stop you. If you’ve got a smoldering eye look and a kissable pout then your date won’t know whether he’s going to melt in his seat or end the date early so he can get to the kiss at the end.

For that perfect pout, try using a nude lip liner that’s slightly darker than your natural lip color to line the edge of your lip. Don’t make it a thin line—you’ll want to pull the color towards the center of the lip while leaving some of the natural lip color at the center. Use a lighter lipstick color for the center of the lip to create an ombre effect. If you have this perfect lip look and the perfect eye look, you’re date isn’t going to know which part of your face to focus on.

4. Feel beautiful on every layer.

Prepare yourself by having undergarments that make you feel sexy and confident. Whether you feel great in thongs, boxer briefs, boy shorts, or bikini briefs, you need quality underwear with a comfortable fit. Even if your date doesn’t get to see them at the end of the night, you’ll still feel sexy and confident throughout the entire evening. The best feeling in the world is having a sexy bra and panty combo that fits you perfectly and hugs you in all the right places.

When choosing the best underwear for each body type, it’s best to know what different types of fits exist in women’s underwear. Once you’ve figured out what looks best on you, you’ll be absolutely unstoppable on your next first date.

If you follow these four simple tips when preparing for your next first date, you’ll be on the road to feeling beautiful and confident the entire night. Just remember that you are beautiful no matter what, and if it doesn’t work out then it wasn’t because you didn’t try.